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Avtor: Blagica Janeva

Fakulteta: Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko

Kraj: Malaga, Španija

Izkušnja: Študijska izmenjava Erasmus +

Obdobje: 11. 2. 2018 – 26. 6. 2018

Are you a student who is dreaming of going somewhere and experience a different culture? Do you want to broaden your horizons and get to know how it feels to be part of another educational system? Do you still have your doubts about it?

Maybe this short summary of my unforgettable journey in Spain will help you to decide and step out of your comfort zone because believe me that is where the magic happens.

It all started with my passion for the Spanish language and culture. During my childhood, I have watched a lot of ‘telenovelas’ and I have learned to speak Spanish at a decent level. I should admit, it helps a lot if you know the language of the country in which you are going. But in case you don’t know the language – don’t worry, that can be another reason to go there because for sure you would learn at least the basics.

Another thing that influenced my decision was the weather in Spain, more precisely on Spain’s southern coast. I chose Malaga and I didn’t regret it. There are approximately 320 sunny days per year. And you get to know what it feels like to live by the sea. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are going in the winter or summer semester, either way, the weather will be perfect.

Now, let me tell you about more important things. Here is what happens when you arrive at your destination. The real journey begins then. It’s a whole new world in front of you and for sure you will enjoy it.

I went alone from here and I can say that there I made more than friends – the people whom I lived with became my family! It’s surprising how in such a short period of time you can meet so many people from all around the world. Now I have friend from whole Europe, USA, Japan and even Australia. Well, I suppose that that’s the beauty of being an Erasmus student.

And what could I say about the people in Malaga – they are just wonderful. Always with the smile on their faces, they are so kind and warm that you just can’t avoid loving them. Their lifestyle may be different from ours but it’s so authentic and ‘cool’ that you get used to it so fast, you even may want to become one of them. Did you know that the people in Spain have ‘siesta’ – it is time for a nap or break in the afternoon and even most of the stores are closed at that time.

You will never be bored here. The city itself is astonishing. It offers everything, from historical places and museums to unique modern art. Also, the nightlife is amazing, the streets are full of people till the early morning, so you get a feeling that the city never sleeps. 

When it comes to school, well, there are no big differences. If you go to the lectures and try to fulfil your duties, you won’t have any problems. Well, it is up to you, how much would you take advantage of the opportunities that are being offered to you. For example, I took an optional subject that was not included in the study program of my home faculty.

To sum up, you have nothing to lose, you can only benefit from this kind of experience. Don’t miss the chance and become part of the enormous Erasmus family!